Slide What is RI3? A new method for Remote Inspection Comprehensive, Safe, Economical & Green ! RI3 stands for « Remote Inspection » The number 3, in technical language, corresponds to optimum mechanical stability, or perfection. It also refers to the 3 dimensions of space. Projected into quality control software, these notions are the very essence of the RI3 system. MORE

Why RI3?

RI3 provides a fully integrated system to manage manufacturing inspections, including the resolution of non-conformities. RI3 also include an Artificial Intelligence (AI) module, capable of anticipating problems.
It is easy to provide video and sound between 2 parties, but the RI3’s goal is very much different. We are working in a field where perfection is a must. Whether we are talking about industries such as Nuclear, Army, Chemical, Oil & Gas, there is no room for approximation, errors or time wasting. Thus, knowing the extreme requirements of our customers, we have developed systems which take into account the full loop of operation until the resolution of the issue, including « root cause analysis » and memory to store and recall events to prevent similar issues to arising again.

AI and Machine Learning

RI3 is not only a remote inspection tool. It tracks and monitors all performance and activities. Unlike simple video communication tools, RI3 has built-in inspection modules, documentation and templates based on specific industry requirements. These can be used immediately, without time wasted for set-up or adaptation.
RI3 brings you the immediate benefits of its intelligent modules in order to follow up inspections, track non-conformity, perform root cause analysis, record activities on videos and photos, and prepare reports.
Furthermore, thanks to its machine learning / AI modules, RI3 learns from actual situations in order to fill in databases, understand specific patterns and situations, in order to prevent new non-conformity or incidents from occuring.


Inspection Costs




CO2 Emission


RI4 allows inspections to be carried out by avoiding the physical relocation of an inspector, the benefits are multiple:

Time & Costs

Immediate deployment, no travel, hotel, plane, local transport, meals and organization time.


Increased data protection and retention without time limit.


Documents are more readable and archiving is simplified. Report writing is faster and clearer.


Reduced travel.

Cloud Based

No software installation.


Simplicity of documentary research.


Improve your Productivity.